Spanish Courses in Lanzarote

Study Spanish in Spain is the best way to learn this language.

Thanks to our Spanish courses for foreigners and the language immersion during your stay in Lanzarote, you'll get better quicklyThe teaching method in Lanzarote is based on conversation lessons, that's why, while you're learning you'll have conversations with your teacher and partners.Our Spanish teachers work to keep the atmosphere warm and comfortable, so you could learn with no effort. The number of students in class is reduced, what promotes the participation and the put in the practice of the Spanish. Our students come from different parts of the world, so you'll find partners of many nationalities, creating in the school an enriching multicultural environment.

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DELE course in Lanzarote

In our school you’ll find the better training adapted to the date of the DELE exam you want to apply.

As well as our Spanish courses for adults we also have courses dedicated to those who would like to sit the official DELE examinations. We are an accredited centre of the Instituto Cervantes and we enrol and prepare our students for their exams. Enrolment can be made directly at our school, or alternatively we can arrange it via email.

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Accommodation in Lanzarote

We have various types of accommodations that can be adjusted to the student’s necessities and preferences.

If you prefer to be immersed into the Spanish culture, a host family would be the best option. Always maintaining comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in order for the student to feel at home during his stay in Lanzarote. Taking in consideration the student’s age, as the U20 program and the adult’s course have different accommodations.

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Center for studies in primary and secondary education, educational support and Spanish classes for foreigners.

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